Rope Handbag

Here’s a quick tutorial for a handbag with rope handles. I’ve pretty much been making the same summer bag for the past couple of years (see here and here).

Long story, but I bought some heavy-duty cotton rope to use for chair seats, then decided to go with wooden seats for the chairs since we have kids standing and spilling on the chairs. So I will be doing a lot of rope projects! This rope is a bit sturdier than the rope trim that you can find in the sewing store, but I think that will do just fine for this project. You could also use bamboo handles as I’ve done in the past, following the same instructions. I secured the rope handles by sewing them and then holding them together with hidden masking tape, but I think it would be a nice detail if you used metal clamps from the hardware store — and perhaps a bit more professional!

The fabric is by Nani Iro from Matatabi.

Click on the image below to download the instructions.


52 thoughts on “Rope Handbag”

  • this is an easy to make and does not take long if you read all instructions first . you can make it casual with the rope handles or as I did as well as the casual look, I used some very nice embrossed fabric that I had been hanging on to for ‘something special’ and as it was not a huge amount of fabric I could never decide what to use it for——hence I used it for this handbag only a little smaller to use at night and made beaded handles to go with it…….very snazzy.

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