Bamboo Purse


It’s spring, so I am again making bags with bamboo handles.  I loved this one that I made last summer which took a lot of abuse, so I made another one last night with Anna Maria Horner fabric from the Drawing Room collection.

I think the heavier weight will stand up better and it is lined with a heavy duty canvas.  There is a good tutorial here for a similar bag, but since I lined this bag I pretty much followed the basic construction from this bag, but added two rows of stitching on the outside of the opening.  You still can’t avoid hand sewing the bag to the handles (ugh) but the whole thing came together in an hour or two.  Sorry for the poor photo, but we’ve seen some rainy days here in Atlanta — which we desperately needed!

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  • ooh! thatnks for sharing this. I have a few bamboo handles floating around in my supply box and haven’t been sure how to use them- this is perf.

  • Leigh

    I wound up making a couple of these today, too!!! The key is making the slits long enough!(I wish I had read your previous post about these bags!) But I have been able to sew the handles on with the machine – one bag I made reversible (I LOVE it!!!) and was able to do it…. oh, heck, I might have to write up a tutorial! It would take more than a couple sentences to describe.

  • Such a pretty bag! I absolutely love Anna Marie Horner’s drawing room fabric! Yummmmmy! I’ve been trying to decide what kind of bag to make for myself for the summer. This one is definitely going on the list!

  • I think that I’ll give this project a try. I often see the handles but can’t work up the courage to tackle the project – now I think I will!

  • I love the Anna Marie Horner fabric you used for the bag! It looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I have a pattern for a purse that I want to make. I just have to make the time to get it done. (and buy some bamboo handles!)
    Thanks for the inspiration…again!

  • Cute bag! And thanks for the link to the Anna Maria Horner fabric.

  • You are always making such pretty things! You inspired me to make a bag with bamboo handles, too. It’s on my blog if you want to take a peek at it! Thanks for the inspiration! : )

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