How Toys Become Real


The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, illustrations by William Nicholson.

We’ve been reading The Velveteen Rabbit over the past few days. I didn’t remember the story, but it is the sweet tale of a stuffed bunny who becomes real through the love of a little boy. Clearly I am feeling sentimental these days, but it makes me a bit weepy as I think of the bits and pieces of childhood that my children are leaving behind on their way to someplace else.

Anyway, this classic book would make a nice gift paired with one of these sweet things:


Pink Sweetie, $18.


Strawberries and Cream, $22.


wholelottalisa, $28.

6 thoughts on “How Toys Become Real”

  • I love this book! I recently found it on an LP at an antiques store — Meryl Streep is the narrator. I’m looking forward to my niece and nephew coming so we can put it on the record player at bedtime.

  • The rabbits were made by the wonderful folks linked below each photo. Click on the link to visit their Etsy shops and buy one of those bunnies!

    Or you could make one of the patterns featured on the spring crafts page to the left here.

  • came back to peek at what I thought were all your bunnies, and saw your comment. Thanks for the clarification about the creators – when both kids are squirming on my lap I don’t often notice the fine print.

  • Funny, we recently read the Velveteen Rabbit at our house. I wanted to test Margaret’s attention span and reading comprehension by reading long books & using bookmarks. We read the first of the Ivy & Bean books, but I realized it was too old for her when I had to change some of the more sassy words as I read. (mild to you & me, but I don’t want her running around calling people “boogerheads” just yet; I changed such words to “sillies” or “silly gooses”.) I think the Ivy & Bean books are more suited for first graders and up. We just read a Babar book. Crazy wild stuff happens in those, like they get attacked by cannibals! So far the VR is the nicest bookmark book we’ve read, and after a bout with lice we could really relate to wildly cleaning the bedding and putting all animals in quarantine (although we didn’t burn ours)! On to Pooh…

  • Best book ever! I still have my bunny from when I was an infant. He is 32 years old, has had his ears and nose replaced as well as lots and lots of stuffing added over the years. My mom always used to tell me that Bunny was “real.”

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