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Etsy Finds Friday

Seems like a good thing to do on Fridays, so maybe I’ll try this each week. Clockwise from top left: Mimi Kirchner, Fairy Godmother, $140. Vintage Songbird, quilted potholder in vintage fabrics, $15. Lusitania felt beads, 18 beads for $36. Lalitah pomegranates cushion, $32. Sweetnellie […]

How Toys Become Real

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, illustrations by William Nicholson. We’ve been reading The Velveteen Rabbit over the past few days. I didn’t remember the story, but it is the sweet tale of a stuffed bunny who becomes real through the love of a little […]

Etsy Spring Inspiration

I know spring isn’t here yet, but these are some lovely things that I found on Etsy. Clockwise from top left: onegirl Designwrks A Fleur Called Calla, $32. The Intuitive Garden cotton candy floral pendant, $17. barkingbirdart Dreaming of Fresh Lettuce print, $14. LoveLee Soaps […]

Political Crafts

If you live in Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio or Texas I imagine that you might be voting today. Here are some political crafts from Etsy for a little inspiration. This is a craft blog! Barack Obama finger puppet from Abbey Christine, $16. Hillary Clinton earrings […]

Spring Bags

We’re having what I hope is our last burst of cold here in Atlanta, so I’m focused on spring. Here are some nice bags for the soon-to-come warm weather: Those of you who know me might recognize this Granny Bag from Sea Breeze Studio. I […]