recycled crafts

Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve

I took some old ribbon scraps and made a sleeve for a glass jar. This is a quick and easy project, a good way to use your embroidered ribbon scraps, and a free project if you’re using an old glass jar or tin can. You […]

Holiday Card Gift Tags

If you sent us a holiday card, it’s likely to end up under our tree next year. Don’t worry, I didn’t cut up anyone’s family photographs. This is certainly not a new idea, but just a reminder to re-use. I cut our cards with a […]

Sweater Stocking

Well, maybe I can make all of our holiday decorations from two thrifted sweaters.  Here’s a quick tutorial for a felted sweater stocking.  I never can seem to find any good striped sweaters at the thrift store, so I thought I’d make my own.  I […]

Thrifted Tree Ornaments

I’ll be making some projects from repurposed materials in the coming weeks. First off, I made some more trees from felted wool sweaters — a miniature version of my thrifted trees from last year. This version has a new template to go with it. So get some […]

Dollhouse Rug

My six-year-old finished up her dollhouse rug the other day.  We used old t-shirts like we did in my tutorial for Alpha Mom.  This time around, we used t-shirt strips for the warp strings as well.    I think it turned out to be pretty […]