Embroidered Ribbon Sleeve



I took some old ribbon scraps and made a sleeve for a glass jar. This is a quick and easy project, a good way to use your embroidered ribbon scraps, and a free project if you’re using an old glass jar or tin can. You could also make smaller versions with votive holders or a larger version with a wide vase. Just be sure that the sides of the jar are straight (not tapered).


Simply cut pieces of ribbon approximately 1″ longer than the circumference of the jar and sew each ribbon right sides facing with barely any seam allowance until you have one large rectangular shaped piece. Press after each additional ribbon is sewn. Fold the piece over and sew right sides together with a 1/2″ seam allowance, forming a sleeve. Easy! I planted a primrose in this jar, but put some rocks in the bottom for drainage. I’m sure to kill it, but then I can use the jar for fresh flowers or as a pencil holder.


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  1. This is really cute. Also, I’ve never heard of putting rocks in the bottom for drainage before. Perhaps that is why all of my plants always die. Ha! 🙂

  2. I put rocks in the bottom because I used a jar without holes for drainage. It’s not a recommended practice, and I suspect that the lack of drainage will eventually cause mold. I don’t know — despite having worked as a floral designer for several years, I’m not very good with plants.

  3. I love that you used ribbon for the sleeve! I actually have a similar post scheduled for tomorrow (I do a Two Tips Tuesday) and I already linked back to you because this is so pretty. What I did was use jelly roll fabric wrapped around little glass votives. Quite frankly, I was too lazy to even fold and sew the edges. I just adhered the fabric to the glass since it was the same size. I put tea lights inside and it works. 🙂
    I am excited that yours can be re-used or it can “change its clothes!” How fun!

  4. thanks! what a great idea. especially for me, since i have several small pieces of ribbon that i just can’t seem to part with.

  5. i have begun hoarding jars like a crazy person for some strange reason that i cannot explain. i knew i would find a project for them, and i think this is it. thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  6. Your ribbons are beautiful! I would worry about them getting mildewy around the top, with the damp soil though. Maybe we will use this on some of our glass jars that we use for pencils.

  7. What a great idea – so easy and a great way to use up the bits! Thank you for sharing. Just have a daughter who got engaged….would make a lovely bridal shower favor.

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