Another Bamboo Bag


Another bag with bamboo handles. I saw some of these bags with circular handles at Chickpea Sewing Studio and decided I would try one. I used another Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric that you can find here. I again lined it with canvas to give the thin cotton some heft.

I used basically the same design and methods that I used for the Bamboo Beach Purse in my earlier post, but I made the bag larger and had to make the slits on each side a bit longer so that you can actually open it. I think I made them about 6 1/2″ long. Unfortunately I found this out the hard way when I finished a bag and realized that I couldn’t open it properly! Function is key here. I again had to hand sew the handles to the bag, which is the most time consuming part of this project. I wonder why they don’t make these rings so that they open and you can insert them into a channel? Oh, and I even tried cutting through one with my handy hacksaw, but there’s a metal piece inside. Oops. Bring in the heavy artillery. Maybe Juliette has a better method that doesn’t require hand sewing?

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  • I really like this bag! Lovely fabric choice – very Spring-like.

  • congrats! your bag is on the craftzine blog!!!

  • No alas…i have to sew them by hand too!

  • The handles I had featured that same metal inside it. What I did was cut all around it with an old knife where there was glue and then gently tugged the handle apart. I was able to do a casing and then slip the handles through it. The metal then was reinserted into the handle and turned so that it was hidden … hope this helps a bit.

  • Jane

    Yes, I use lots of these bamboo handles and cut them apart until you find the metal pin and pull them apart. Put them into the bag casing and then glue and tape them together after you insert the pin back. I wish they would have them so you wouldn’t have to do this. We make beautiful quilt tote bags with a 42 inch by 42 inch piece fabric and lining and put two elastic inserts on each side. All of our quilt members have them. Jane

  • Sandy

    Funny. I just made almost the same exact bag as an experiment – I am beginner. I made the same exact mistake as you! Sewed the sides all up and couldn’t open it. Was able to figure it out though finally. 🙂

    I agree, sewing around the bamboo was hard and I was afraid I was going to damage my machine – must be a better way.

  • Emma

    where can i purchase the pattern for this bag

  • Hilary

    Has anyone tried sewing with a zipper foot? I have done that with wooden handles, but not round ones.

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