Make a String Bikini for Barbie!


Are you tired of your modest Barbie?  Never lying around the house naked or wearing provocative, cheaply made clothing?  Make her a skimpy string bikini — the kids will love it!  Maybe she can even earn some extra cash.  And if your young children aren’t already insecure about living up to Barbie’s ludicrous standard of beauty, they can still look forward to feelings of inadequacy in their teenage years!  Hurray!



-heavy duty staple gun


Step 1: Staple string to Barbie’s back, using 100 or more staples.  Careful, she’s a slippery gal!

Step 2: Take methamphetamines and watch HGTV.

All done!

27 Replies to “Make a String Bikini for Barbie!”

  1. Love Barbie, but she must be taken with a grain of salt…or a dose of meth, apparently. This might be one of the best crafty posts I’ve read in a long time – well done!

  2. April Fools jokes just got kicked up a notch. I just want to know, did you actually create this for the ‘strung out’ doll or did you find the image elsewhere? The color palette seems very Long Thread.

  3. Yes, I actually made this and she’s a mermaid (with a missing tail) so I couldn’t make a bikini bottom. The sad thing is that my four-year-old wanted me to make a bathing suit for one of her dolls and will likely love this! She really loves Barbie and so I haven’t denied her.

  4. too funny! My husband hates the sterotyping of Barbie and say’s if we ever have a girl that no Barbie’s will be aloud. Made me laugh today thank you!

  5. At least it’s one of the new Barbies. You couldn’t do that with the old ones and their ginormous boobies.

  6. HAHAH just LOL’d. And not just saying that, I actually LOL’d. I love that methamphetamines is in the supply list. Saw this on Abby’s podcast list!!!

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