Earth Day Crafts

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you may wonder why I don’t write about crafts with my kids as much these days. Well, they are getting older and I am busier, but they are still making things constantly, mostly on their own now. I need to share more of their creations. But almost all of their craft projects are made from recycled materials. I just heard one of my daughters the other day trading something with the other for a large cardboard box that had come in the mail. My older daughter has a “Main Street” running through her room with her cardboard houses and stores for her Bebichhichi dolls. And the younger one had a friend over for a playdate to make cardboard Barbie cruise ships. Cardboard and a little imagination goes a long way, as we saw with Caine’s Arcade.

Anyway, for Earth Day I thought I’d share some of our crafts from the past using recycled materials. Pictured above:

Cap Stamps

Clothesline Caddy

T-shirt Weaving

Cereal Box Journals

Paper Globes

Melted Vinyl Bowls

Plantable Paper

Firefly Jars

Sweater Flowers

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