Melted Vinyl Bowls

It’s becoming more difficult for me to actually buy gifts, but it’s not easy to come up with crafty ideas for men.  So I made these bowls for my husband.  It might be kind of a lame dorm room project, but he appreciates frugality.  And the kids enjoyed watching me melt plastic.  I’m going to try to feature more recycled craft ideas since we’re all tightening the purse strings.

For these record bowls, I used the edges down directions found at wiki-how.  I totally love this site by the way, and think that everyone should learn how to make balloon animals.

Note: records were bought at the thrift store and not taken from my husband’s collection! To make a deeper bowl shape for some of them, I added another bowl on top after a couple of minutes in the oven.  I played around with shapes and ended up with one that could be used as a mail holder, some wider ones, and some more narrow.  You only have about ten seconds to do any additional shaping after you get them out of the oven.  I found that putting your hand in a 200-degree oven to shape it is not actually that bad.  I think 45s or 10 inch records would be even better with this project.  And colored records would be the best.

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