Shrinking Snowflake Necklace

I made these for party favors for my daughter’s birthday, but I’ve been wearing one of them around myself so I don’t think this is just a kids’ project. But it does involve shrinky dinks! If you haven’t worked with shrinkable plastic before, you can buy it online or at your local craft store.


  • Shrinking plastic (frosted, not clear)
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • Snowflake template (see link below)
  • Mini hole punch (1/8″)
  • Toaster oven
  • Necklace chain with jump ring
  • Pliers

1. Print the snowflake template and cut the plastic according to this shape. It’s helpful to cut your plastic down to a smaller size as it’s easier to work with as you cut. Punch a hole at the top where indicated.

2. Melt the snowflake in the toaster oven according to the instructions on your shrinking plastic. If any of the tips get stuck together, you can pull them apart while it’s still hot and re-shrink it to lay flat. When you remove the snowflake from the toaster, immediately place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface and put a pot or drinking glass on top to flatten it.

3. Bend jump ring open and insert it into the hole in the snowflake, thread it onto the necklace chain, and bend the jump ring closed to secure it.

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