Weekly Craft Roundup

I meant to finish this post over the weekend, but here it is now:

button-coasters Woven Button Coasters from Linda Permann for Craft Stylish.

crochet-four-leaf-clover Crochet Four Leaf Clover from Alicia K. at Cut Out and Keep.

laminated-placemats Laminated Fabric Placemats from Wisecraft.

zakka-pincushion Zakka Pincushion from Etsy How-Tuesday.

embroidered-tees Embroidered T-shirts with templates from Martha Stewart.

lacy-garland Lacy Garland from Ravenhill (link via Whip Up).

yarn-bowl Yarn Bowl from A Friend to Knit With (link via Crafty Crow).

shamrock_cupcake_topper St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Inspiration from Alpha Mom.

felted-wool-rocks Felted Wool Rocks from Julie Finn for Crafting a Green World.

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