Valentine’s Day Cards




No store-bought cards this year! Make a special card for family and friends with photos of loved ones.

You’ll find the printable templates below for use with 8 1/2″x 11″ card stock. With an exacto knife and a cutting mat, you can cut out as many hearts as you’d like and insert photos. I printed my card on pink card stock and added an additional half size piece of card stock behind the photograph so that it would look neat when you open the card. I just glued it in place. One tip on folding card stock is to score it before folding (I used the tip of my closed scissors and a ruler to score the inside of the card). I re-sized a photo to 2″ wide by 1 3/4″ tall. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Card with Three Hearts

Card with Many Hearts

If you make a card and would like to share it, please add it to the Make It Monday Flickr group here.



I made this snowflake today and was really pleased with the results considering all I needed was six pieces of paper.  The beauty of this project is that it looks complicated, but was so easy!  You can find the instructions on wikiHow here.   This could be used as a treetopper, a wreath, or would look lovely hanging in front of a mirror.  Smaller versions could be used to make a great mobile or as tree ornaments. 

I used red and green construction paper that we had on hand, but it would be really pretty with double-sided origami paper.   I cut the standard-sized paper into squares (8″x8″), which turns out to be a very large snowflake (about 16″).  Double-sided tape would be helpful for this project.  I measured the cut lines in 1″ increments and marked with a ruler.

This time of year we’re having lots of family time indoors and always looking for new projects.  Some less-complicated snowflake instructions can be found here.  My almost five-year-old loves folding, designing and cutting these snowflakes and there are so many possibilities.  These would make a lovely garland when strung together and made from origami or foil paper.  We end up with them all over the house.

Try this site and let the kids “cut” a snowflake on the computer here.

Sugar Cookie Cards


Aren’t these holiday cards adorable?  Not to mention some sweet sisters.  I’m getting them out today — ahead of the rush! 

These days so many mothers are opting to start their own business to suit the needs of family and allow for personal creativity.  Ashley Baine of Sugar Cookie Cards began hand-painting invitations for friends.  Her designs became so popular that she started a successful business with her sister, Newell.  You can find the whimsical designs of Sugar Cookie Cards at a store near you.  They offer invitations, stationery, holiday cards, stickers, notepads and more.