One Year

One Year

Almost one year ago, my friend Joanna and I woke up in the dark, layered our clothing, packed snacks and cell chargers, donned our pink hats and got into our tiny orange rental car to drive from Charlottesville to the nearest metro station to attend […]

Tiny Hats

I’m excited to see so many people exercising their freedom of speech through craftivism. The Hide a Hat and Fight Back project from Catherine Hicks encourages you to knit a tiny little hat with embroidery floss and leave it with a note for someone to find. Such a quiet, yet strong way […]

Knitting Together

UPDATED! Meetup postponed to Saturday, January 14 (updated image above). If you live near Atlanta, please join us for a knitting meet-up this Saturday at Intown Quilters in Decatur. We’ll be knitting hats for the Pussy Hat Project to wear at the Women’s March on Washington on […]

Protest Knitting

Have you heard of the Pussyhat Project yet? If that word offends you, you’re not alone. I had to explain it to my daughters this fall after they saw the news. The creators of this knitting project are reclaiming the word for female empowerment and using the color pink, […]


Spent the morning teaching the kids to knit. It seems like the right time to stay warm and gather around for a quiet activity, close to family. My older daughter made up her own knitting instructions “through the fence, around the barn, save the pig, […]