Spent the morning teaching the kids to knit. It seems like the right time to stay warm and gather around for a quiet activity, close to family. My older daughter made up her own knitting instructions “through the fence, around the barn, save the pig, jump off the roof and gather up the pigs”. This might make sense if you’re a knitter, but I do think that creating a story about the process helps you pick it up. She said she was saving the pigs from becoming bacon. And look what a good job she’s doing! Both girls (8 and 10) are knitting now and both doing very well.

After the tragedy yesterday, I’m left with many thoughts about our society. Thoughts about gun control, mental healthcare and isolation. I talked to my kids about the event, figuring it would be better for me to tell them than have them hear something at school on Monday. After helping them process the idea that someone could do something so horrific and then reassuring them that they are safe at school, I told them that anytime someone does something bad in this world, many more people do good. I’m sure this is statistically true, but hard to remember.

3 thoughts on “Comfort”

  • It is a very sad subject to try to explain to your children. I’ve been watching from the other side of the world and shedding a few tears. My heart breaks for the children, the families, the teachers, the community – the victims and the survivors. Unfortunately our children are being robbed of an innocense and are learning very hard lessons from such a young age. Very sad.

    P.S. I love those instructions 🙂 I’ll have to remember those.

  • I love what you told your children ~ many more people Do more good. A very wise thing to say indeed.
    I think many more people are thinking about those same issues right now too. I know I am.

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