Toy-let Box

Don’t toss out that old toilet seat, turn it into a toy box! With a few simple supplies, you’ll have a nearly new toy box that the kids will love! This project can be made with any box you have around the house and it’s also great to take on those long road trips when you can’t find a rest stop.


  • toilet seat
  • toys
  • box
  • industrial strength glue
  • chainsaw

Step 1: Using the chainsaw, carefully remove the toilet seat from its base.

Step 2: Clean the toilet seat with a mixture of formaldehyde and iodine spread evenly onto a catcher’s mitt. Allow the mixture to set for a few moments, then gently lick it off.

Step 3: Glue the seat to a box and let the kids stuff with their favorite toys!

Note: This is an April Fool’s Day joke. My daughters came home from school today and the younger one cried because she thought I had made a real toy box, despite the fact that I said it was for April Fool’s Day. Then my older daughter sat right down on it, laughed and said “It’s a toy-let box”. Why didn’t I think of that? She’s a clever girl.

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