Fabric Experiments

Lately I’ve been experimenting with painted fabric again, with no explicit goal.

This is another freezer paper stencil with bronze textile paint.

First, I cut the paper and press it onto the fabric as you can see above. This design was smaller (X-acto knife shown for scale).

Then I paint the cut spaces. This time I just used an old paint brush that I had on hand, but I prefer sponge brushes for this step.

Next is my favorite part where I get to peel the freezer paper from the backing after letting it dry for a bit. So satisfying!

Here, I’ve made some past designs into a quilt block, so I’m thinking now about what to do with this fabric. Perhaps a fabric piece stretched onto a canvas frame? Not sure yet.

I’ve also been painting some canvas with this metallic bronze paint. Here I just used a brush. After painting, I wash, dry, and press the fabric so that soon I can make sewn goods with the fabric. I’m thinking of selling at a craft show this fall, but I’ll let you know.

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