Studio Amano

My friend Trisha has an Etsy shop! I like to persuade (annoy, pester, badger) my talented friends to sell their wares on Etsy. So here’s Trisha’s shop, Studio Amano. Trisha taught our daughter in preschool six years ago and she’s been babysitting and helping us out ever since.

And Trisha likes to knit. I mean she loves to knit. She is a yarn hoarder-deluxe (and she could totally surround herself in yarn like this woman). So help her get rid of that yarn and buy one of her lovely fuzzy bowls. It takes her about three hours to knit each one from wool yarn; then she felts them in warm water. If you’re not familiar with the process, it’s pretty much what happens when you accidentally wash a wool sweater.

I still have these on my table. And if you want to learn more about what crazy things Trisha is doing with fiber lately, you can follow her new blog here.

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