DIY Bat Costume

Try making this simple bat costume from a t-shirt and wool felt. More Stellaluna than Batman, this little brown bat is for kids still willing to wear a cute Halloween costume. Unlike my older daughter whose goal is to “scare little kids”. She’s seven, so she still gets scared quite a bit herself.

My five-year-old reluctantly put on this costume and then loved it. Now she wants to do her kindergarten animal research project on fruit bats. First off, we need to research bat sounds. She was hooting in these photos, but I guess bats screech? We’ll find out.

Full instructions and printable mask in my post over at Alpha Mom.

13 thoughts on “DIY Bat Costume”

  • My daughter was a bat when she was five! She got really annoyed if someone called her Batgirl. She is seven now and a firm believer that Halloween costumes must either be scary or somehow Halloween related, which is how I got stuck making her a Jack Skellington tuxedo jacket this year. I’m still working on the Fimo bat bowtie. Her five year old sister will be Sally the ragdoll.

  • What a great costume! My son had a wee obsession with bats after studying them in Kindergarten (it’s a little weird having your 5 year old coming home and using words like ‘echolocation’…). He wanted to change his name to bat. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t manke him a bat costume for Halloween back then, instead of a Batman one. His little sister was Robin.

  • My 3.5 year old has been asking to be a bat for halloween. After struggling (unsuccessfully) with some wire last weekend in an attempt to make some wings, I was so happy to see this post. I made the shirt last night and it was so easy and looks adorable! We added a purple and black no sew tutu (I found the link for that on your blog too). Thanks for the tutorial!

  • This tutorial just saved me. My son was invited to an Animal costume party and we have no animal costumes. I think he’ll be thrilled with this. It only took 30 minutes to whip up.

  • Hilarious! My 5-year-old daughter is being a bat this year, too. She wanted to be a “vampire bat” but we couldn’t find fangs for the peanut-sized set. I wish I had read this post *before* we made our costume. Happy Halloween everyone!

  • My then 7-yr old was a bat last year. I took the handle off an old black umbrella and then cut the umbrella in half. We covered the ribs with black duct tape and used a basting stitch to sew it to the sleeves and sides of a black sweatshirt. With black leggings or jeans and a mask, she was a great bat!

  • Hello from south of France and thank you so much for your tutorial, Kids love their bat costume, I wish I share a picture of them, but I don’t know where ? I put it on my FB wall, if you want to see it.

  • My daughter wanted to be a bat when she was four. I found her in her costumn in a heap with tears flowing beside the couch. I asked her what was wrong. She whole heartedly told me she couldn’t fly. Mom, I’m a bat why can’t I fly. She simmered down after awhile, heart broken and all. Halloween memories to cherish. Enjoy

  • I need to know how to make this please. My Daughter is 7 and wants to be Stellaluna for Halloween. I love that she wants to be something different and have no problem putting in the work to make her costume.

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