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We’re planning ahead for Valentine’s Day. Since it was a gloomy weekend, the kids and I made some melted heart crayons for my first-grader’s Valentine’s Day cards. If you haven’t ever tried this project, it’s simple with great results and is a nice way to recycle broken crayons. We followed the directions from Marie at Make and Takes. The only advice I have is that the brighter colors look much better, so hide the browns, blacks and dark blues from your kids. I also used a knife on one batch to cut the crayons into even smaller bits, which I think worked well.


I made two versions of this card. One can be used without the crayon in the center, and the other has an open middle to attach the crayon. We used foam adhesive tape to attach the hearts to the cards. Simply click on an image below to download the .pdf file, print it out on card stock and cut. We also used a corner punch to create rounded corners.


My daughter is going to send the crayons with her own drawing below, which we scanned in and will print out. That way she can decorate them as much as she likes, but if she gets tired of it, they are still done. I’ve got another idea for my five-year-old’s valentines because she really requires that everything be covered in glitter. The teachers will love that.


114 thoughts on “A Colorful Valentine’s Day Card”

  • Thanks so much for the idea i really want to do this for my class and friends i think they would love it!! Thanks again!!!

  • I got my silicone molds at Target 2 weeks ago. They came in a two-pack so we made 28 all at once. Enough for my son’s 1st grade class. Great idea!!

  • Thank you for the printables. My kids and I wanted to make these–especially since we had a blizzard, a weekend, and two snow days together–but I didn’t know how I would make standardized custom cards for the crayons. We were snowed in and out of white paper, so I used what I had on hand. Not as pretty as yours, but you can see ours on my blog Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FlotsamOfTheMind. Thanks again for saving the day!

  • Love this idea! I’m going to make them for my class as well as send them with my daughter for her classmates. One question…how do you get them to stick to the cards? Glue? Double stick tape? Thanks!

  • Thanks so much. What gr8 printable. Going to try my hand at some sidewalk chalk hearts to give to the kids that live on my courtyard. Wish me luck. Have a wonderful day, keep the free bee’s coming đŸ™‚

  • Thank you thank you thank you for posting the valentine cards that go with the crayon hearts…I love making them for my kindergarten class and I have never been able to make the cute card….


  • Thank you for the free printable for the COLORFUL VALENTINE crayon. I made the crayons a couple of hears ago and made them about a week ago with my daughter. I am so thankful for the printable instead of just putting the crayon in a cellophane bag.

  • Starting up a new blog and just did a round up of my favorite Valentine’s day card ideas for my toddler. Yours is wonderful and was included. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • thank you for the valentine day card printables!! I am not creative and this makes it so much more simple!

  • I had always wondered what I would do with the old crayons. This was super easy and cute. I’ve made them for my daughter and her college friends valentine boxes.

    I used a larger though shallow “cookie” mold (metal). Once cooled, popped into the freezer for just a bit and then they popped right out.

    When taking the paper off I used my pencil ex acto knife and my pampered chef scrapper for any remaining paper. Certainly saved my nails.

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