The Poppies


Poppytalk is holding a virtual awards event, and I’ve been nominated in the Handmade Artist’s Blog category. (Thanks toΒ Grace for nominating me).

I am not a very competitive person, and I have to admit, the term “artist” makes me feel uneasy as I don’t consider myself an artist. Am I a crafter, a maker, a blogger? I don’t know. When asked my occupation on a school form the other day, I wrote “Sewing Pattern Designer.” Since I’ve started working on this book I’ve put my Etsy shop on hold. So now I can say that I’m writing a sewing book, but I’m certainly not ready to call myself a writer. So anyway, if you enjoy reading my blog and you feel inclined to vote for me in the Poppytalk awards, that would be really sweet. There are some incredibly talented artists nominated in this category. I do appreciate all of you out there who read this blog and give me positive feedback. Thank you!

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