Gocco Printed Curtains


My five-year-old and I made these curtains this week with the gocco printer. I asked her to draw some flowers with the carbon pen as you can see below.


Then we got out the gocco and made some prints on the bottom of the sheer curtain panels.


I used regular screenprinting ink, so I think it was a little watery for the gocco, but it worked fine. Making prints with a five-year-old can be kind of a messy process, but I still like the finished result. My tiny gocco screen really isn’t conducive to fabric printing. I’d love to try one of these Yudu machines. I found myself watching about 20 minutes of an informercial one morning with my kids while they were asking me to change the channel.

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  1. The gocco machines fascinate me and I didn’t know that you could use fabric! See, now you have given me another justification/use for buying a Yudu, I keep telling myself that I wouldn’t use it enough.

  2. Yes! Me too, that Yudu infomercial sucked me in the other day. I had this amazing desire to have one without even knowing exactly what I would do with it! 🙂 Adorable curtains, what a fun project with your daughter!

  3. the curtains are great! its funny, i had told my husband about and that i wanted a yudu – one day we were getting ready to leave and he just kept “in a minute”ing me … i finally went to see what was keeping him, it was the yudu informerical… he was totally hopping on the band wagon… now if we could just come up with the fundage!

  4. I love a child’s touch to projects. Your daughter’s flowers are adorably sweet. (And what appears to be a white-on-white effect is a winsome touch!)

  5. Those are so fun! I love that your five year old helped you make them. Also, I just had to tell you that I recently bought One Yard Wonders and I LOVE it. I am working on one of the projects in it right now! The projects you have in it are lovely!

  6. i have been reading your blog for a sometime now. i really enjoy it. (one of my favorites)
    i own a Gocco, and haven’t used it in a while. thanks for the reminder…
    i think my girl will love using it.
    your curtain came out very nice.
    have a great week

  7. Have you tried making a screen with Modge Podge? It’s on my to-do list, but I haven’t tried Gocco or Yudu yet for a basis for comparison. My gadget shopping list is toooo long.

  8. Hi all. I own both the largest Gocco machine … and the Yudu. Please check Amazon.com for reviews about the Yudu. I wrote one there as well. In summary, the product is not good … and not worth your money in the least. Just a heads up to everyone!

  9. What a wonderful project. I’m not a crafter….my medium is quilting but I could definitely use this technique when making or dying my own fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It gives me hope to think that some day, I might be able to watch 20 minutes of what I want on TV while my child is actually awake.
    Where do you get replacement bulbs for the gocco?

  11. Yeah I saw that yudu infomercial just now as I was flipping the channel to nick-jr from food network. It’s cool but I’d like to see the price come down from 299 to something around 200. Great blog you have here.

  12. I absolutely love this idea! I currently just bought a gocco press and I’m writing a post about it for my new website. I would love to feature this on my post! Please let me know if you would want to be featured!

    -Nicole from brokeinbeantown.com

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