Etsy Finds Friday


Turquoise Orbital Silver Earrings, $34 from gypsy studio.

Quilter’s Strips drawing, $18 from Aunty Cookie.

Vintage Pillowcase, $6 from The Cherry Chic.

Felted Wool Beads, 14 for $11 from Smika.

Girl’s Play Dress, $35 from kid a collective.

Hand Screenprinted Fabric, $35 from Umbrella Prints.

Screenprinted Wood Figure, $100 from Christopher Bettig of The Mountain Label.

Wooden Safari Set, $28 from little alouette.

Chloe Ragdoll Paperweight, $14.50 from lil sprinkles.

4 Replies to “Etsy Finds Friday”

  1. Ack! I had previously been under the impression that Umbrella fabrics were only available in Australia and that I couldn’t buy them… This could be really, very dangerous information.

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