Chair Renovation


I have trouble with furniture makeovers.  Well, these chairs with the rush seats (before, pictured on the left) were giving me splinters.  So I decided to get some inexpensive jute webbing and cover the seat.  I also painted them a dark taupe color, but now I think that I need to paint the kitchen table too!

My mother warned me that the jute would stretch and begin to sag, and guess what?  She was right, as always.  It’s not too bad, but we’ll see how long these last.  I’m thinking of making some cushions with a thin wooden base to help keep them around a little longer.  But I still think it’s an improvement!

You might be seeing the jute again since I have around 40 yards left over.  Jute purses, jute tote bags, jute walls, jute shirts….

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  1. Looks great!! And thank you – I have seen that material used in various craft projects but never knew the official name to search for it online.

  2. Martha Stewart made a jute rug several years ago that was absolutely adorable. And that wouldn’t sag. Or maybe it would sag in all the right places? Your chair looks great in any case.

  3. Sweet improvement! Shoots on the sagging…some of the best things sag over time :o) Can’t wait to see what else you make out of jute.

  4. As an alternative to jute use fabric strips ripped to width of your choosing. I have done a few chairs this way and they have held up well. Weave the strips tightly and knot the ends on the underside. The ripped edges fray to a nice look. Friends have done the fabric -covered clothesline (like people are making bowls out of)and woven them. That is another nice look.

  5. I really love the look of the jute…I think I read somewhere that you can stretch the jute when you are putting it on (you need a special tool), and then it won’t stretch out more when you sit on it. Great look!!

  6. What if you wet the yute strips before putting them on the chair and then stretch them? Hopefully when they dry the would shrink a bit, getting them in tighter.

  7. looking for a blue striped jute webbing like the one used on your chairs.. do you sell this or have any sources.\
    all the

  8. Where did you get the webbing. I am doing a project for out school and have been trying to find the webbing with the blue stripe. (school color) Thanks.

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