Grid Painting



Here’s a project that my six-year-old wanted to try after thinking about this painting that was made by her Daddy.  Can you tell that this is a ladybug?

We used a piece of printable canvas and acrylic paints since that’s what we had on hand.  She drew the ladybug with pencil, then I left the room to look for a ruler.  When I came back, she had drawn her own grid.  Well, OK!  You could make the squares as small or as large as you want them.  I asked her to paint one square at a time and leave some space around the edges, but she took it from there.  She had a couple of spots that she painted the wrong color, but since we were using acrylic paint we let the paint dry and she painted over them.  I think she made some interesting art and managed to use both sides of her brain in the process.


6 thoughts on “Grid Painting”

  • That is so cute! You need to frame it as a keepsake. When my kids were little, this is the time of year (in the south) we would get the picnic little tykes table cleaned up and ready to paint away.

  • It’s a great picture, as is the one by her dad. Have you ever seen the work by Chuck Close – it works in a similar way to this, by focusing on the main colours in each square. She might like to see how similar her work is to his?

  • This is just a terrific idea!! I’m adding you to my “Mommy heroes” list- way too cool!!

  • the painting of eva is one of my favorites. i anticipate it each time i walk in the room. it was cool to see the pic it was from –

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