I decided to see what all the fuss is about with these pincushions. Entire books dedicated to pincushions, tons of Etsy sellers featuring pincushions in every imaginable shape, and blogs with photos of….pincushions! So I gathered some stuff off the sewing room floor and made an easy one with some vintage ribbon:


Personally I am a fan of the magnetic pincushion because I can just snap them up when they are strewn all over the floor and you can throw your pins back on while you are sewing. So I will try my new pincushion and see if form beats function. But I’ll be thinking about creating a pattern for a pretty magnetic pincushion!

I found so many lovely and inspiring pincushions around craftland that I had to show you. Oh, and there are so many more! Click on each image for a link.




7 thoughts on “Pincushions”

  • I would love if you came up with a cute magnetic pin cushion. I LOVE the magnetic ones for the reasons you stated but I also think all the cute ones are just too cute. So I’ll put my creative thoughts to think too and maybe one of us can come up with something 🙂

  • I was wondering about all those pincushions as well. I do like looking at them (your new one there is especially pretty) but it is getting a bit much. Yet I’m tempted to make some. It’s like they are sirens and you must beware their song.

    Love the idea of a pretty magnetic one. I have the ugly one that I use all the time. Plus a stuffed one for when I am hand sewing or doing embroidery.

  • Thanks or showing mine!

    Why I gave up the magnets:

    1: digging for pins out of a pile makes me prick my fingers

    2: I think it’s faster to take one out of a cushion than try to free one out of a magnet pile.

    3: drop one and find out the biggest difference. After a emergency procedure to remove half a broken pin out of my foot, I gave them up.

    Once, I was picking up pins off carpet when I turned around on on my knees to get some others and in when the pin, and broke off IN the top of my foot. It was almost as hard to find the pin in muscle and fat as it would have been to find a needle in a haystck. They had to bring out a live imager that goes ping! and basically do microsurgery to find it.

  • Although this doesn’t directly relate to pincushions, it does relate to Etsy. I am addicted and holding you responsible. I used to have an Ebay addiction which I cured through very intensive rehab. Now I am back at step one! Thanks!

  • At least you can’t get into a bidding war on Etsy! It’s much safer and you are supporting handmade goods. What could be better?

  • Where did you get the ribbon trim you used on your pin cushion in photo? I am needing something similar for a window treatment.

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