Shop Survey Results

Shop Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who completed my online survey! You can still complete it here if you haven’t had the chance. As I look to start an online business, your responses helped confirm my direction. I’ve been looking for a scalable model that allows me to […]

Mindset and Creativity

I don’t know anything. This is a reminder that I need daily. Although I’m wary of pop psychology and cynical about self-help books, I finally picked up a copy of Mindset by Carol Dweck after my 12-year-old told me that I had a “fixed mindset.” What […]

Giveaway from Leila & Ben

Today’s giveaway is from Leila & Ben — a small business run by two mothers who make sewing and crochet patterns. With these cool patterns for boys and girls, you can make something fun and stylish for your kids to wear. Check out all of their great […]

Pattern in Progress

Lunch, anyone?  Here’s a pattern that I’ve been tweaking.  Hope to have it up in the shop sometime soon.

Another Reversible Skirt

Here’s one more reversible skirt I made this week.  Last one I’ll show, I promise.  The kids really like the large pockets and just figured out that they can put stuff on the inside pocket.  Pattern available in my Etsy shop.