Fabric Mat

I had a small piece of this great fabric from Cicada Studio, so decided to make a fabric mat.  I read these instructions, but used the mat that came with the frame, then just used spray adhesive and tape to affix the fabric to the mat.  Once I made the mat, I wasn’t sure what to put in the frame that wouldn’t look too busy because the fabric is really beautiful all on its own.  Then I saw these bird silhouettes (via how about orange).  I used a robin for this silhouette that I made by drawing an image onto card stock and cutting it out with a craft knife.

And our five-year-old has become very interested in the different species of birds after reading this book.  So she’s planning a watercolor project.  We’re definitely on the bird bandwagon.

Fabric Give-Away Winner

I was overwhelmed by all the comments for the fabric give-away.  Amazing how many of you have blogs and Etsy shops.  Go craftiness!  And the winner is #64 Ana Lilia , who is making all kinds of great things.  I’m sure she’ll put my scraps to fine use!