Click here for a list of shops that carry my Kokka fabric collections. For wholesale ordering information in the United States, please contact Seven Islands Fabric.

ROUGH CUT: Fall 2015


This collection was created from hand-cut paper designs. It features three cotton/linen blend fabrics and three double gauze cottons.


COLORWAYS: Rough Cut includes neon colors where noted below. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


Botanica, cotton/linen blend in neon pink, blue, and black.


Pebbles, cotton/linen blend in aqua/green neon, gray, and black/pink neon.

MOSAIC-teal MOSAIC-in-pink MOSAIC-blue

Mosaic, cotton/linen blend in teal, pink, and blue.


Matchsticks in double gauze cotton in blue, plum, and teal.


Whirligig in double gauze cotton in teal/yellow neon, navy/green neon, and charcoal/pink neon.

ARROWS-gray ARROWS-black ARROWS-aqua

Arrows in double gauze cotton in gray/pink neon, black, and aqua/yellow neon.

MONOCHROME: Spring 2015



In stores now! This fabric collection features three prints in a mid-weight cotton/linen blend and three prints in a light double gauze cotton. For wholesale information in the U.S., please contact Seven Islands Fabric. In Europe, Kokka fabrics are available through Nunoya.

Photos of each print in the collection below. Feel free to use these for your online fabric shop or blog. Please email me for high-resolution images suitable for print publication.



Shades in charcoal, yellow, and blue (linen/cotton).



Paper Cranes in mint, natural + gold, and navy + silver (linen/cotton).



Blooms in black + gold, pink, and blue + silver (linen/cotton).



Circles in navy, mint + silver, and charcoal + gold (double gauze cotton).



Points in silver, white, and gold (double gauze cotton).



Small Cranes in teal, plum, and charcoal (double gauze cotton).

CHARMS: Fall 2014

The Charms collection for Kokka is in stores now! This collection features three cotton/linen blend prints and three prints in double gauze cotton.

bamboo-in-charcoal bamboo-in-orangebamboo-in-green

Bamboo in metallic gold, orange, and green (double gauze cotton).


Sheep in mustard, mint, and metallic gold (cotton/linen blend).


Persimmons in plum, orange, and metallic gold (cotton/linen blend).


Posies in mustard, metallic gold, and charcoal (double gauze cotton).


Half-Round in mustard, metallic gold, and charcoal (cotton/linen blend).


Plus Dots in metallic gold, plum and charcoal (double gauze cotton).

FRAMEWORK: Spring 2014

My Framework collection for Kokka is in stores now!

FRAMEWORK-steps-charcoal FRAMEWORK-steps-chartreuse FRAMEWORK-steps-blue

Steps in charcoal, chartreuse, and royal blue (cotton/linen blend).

FRAMEWORK-corners-blue FRAMEWORK-corners-peach FRAMEWORK-corners-chartreuse

Corners in blue, coral, and chartreuse (cotton/linen blend).

FRAMEWORK-daisy-chain blue FRAMEWORK-daisy-chain-gray FRAMEWORK-daisy-chain-teal

Daisy Chain in royal blue, gray, and teal (cotton/linen blend).

FRAMEWORK-sitting-geese-chartreuse FRAMEWORK-sitting-geese-aqua FRAMEWORK-sitting-geese-gray

Sitting Geese in chartreuse, aqua and gray (double gauze cotton).

FRAMEWORK-quarter-circles-gray FRAMEWORK-quarter-circles-chartreuse FRAMEWORK-quarter-circles-blue

Quarter Circles in coral, chartreuse, and blue (double gauze cotton).

FRAMEWORK-broken-plaid-teal FRAMEWORK-broken-plaid-charcoal FRAMEWORK-broken-plaid-chartreuse

Broken Plaid in teal, charcoal, and chartreuse (double gauze cotton).

GARDEN: Fall 2013


My Garden collection for Kokka is in stores now! Images of each print below. All are printed on cotton/linen blend lightweight canvas fabric.

triangle-flowers-in-turquoise triangle-flowers-in-gray triangle-flowers-in-blue

Triangle Flowers in olive green, gray, and blue.

hydrangea-in-plum hydrangea-in-blue hydrangea-in-green

Hydrangea in plum, blue, and olive green.

crossed-leaves-in-gray crossed-leaves-in-chartreuse crossed-leaves-in-turquoise

Crossed Leaves in gray, chartreuse, and turquoise.

butterflies-in-blue butterflies-in-plum butterflies-in-gray

Butterflies in cornflower, plum, and gray.

cheater-print-in-pastel cheater-print-in-gray cheater-print-in-dark

Cheater Print in pastels, gray, and jewel.

dutch-garden-in-mustard dutch-garden-in-turquoise dutch-garden-in-charcoal

Dutch Garden in mustard, turquoise and charcoal.

FOLK MODERN: Spring 2013


Folk-Modern-Sawtooth-Flowers-Green Folk-Modern-Sawtooth-Flowers-Gray Folk-Modern-Sawtooth-Flowers-Blue
Sawtooth Flowers in Bright Green, Charcoal, and Blue.
Folk-Modern-Citrus-Trees-Gray Folk-Modern-Citrus-Trees-Azalea Folk-Modern-Citrus-Trees-Blue
Citrus Trees in Charcoal, Azalea, and Blue.
 medallions-yellow Folk-Modern-Medallions-Azalea Folk-Modern-Medallions-Green
Medallions in Yellow, Azalea, and Bright Green.
Folk-Modern-Rings-Blue folk-modern-rings Folk-Modern-Rings-Gray
Rings in Blue, Yellow, and Charcoal.
Folk-Modern-Horses Green Folk-Modern-Horses-Azalea Folk-Modern-Horses-Blue
Horses in Bright Green, Azalea, and Blue.
Folk-Modern-Tulips-Azalea Folk-Modern-Tulips-Yellow Folk-Modern-Tulips-Purple
Tulips in Azalea, Yellow, and Purple.

Folk Modern Table Runner Folk Modern  Quilt 22 folk-modern-samples folk modern little houses folk modern citrus trees bag folk modern rings bag Folk Modern Quilt Small2 folk-modern

STAMPED: Fall 2012



Circle Flowers in yellow, red and navy.


Triangles in blue, gray and red.


Ginkgo Leaves in purple, gray and blue.


Scallops in red, gray and yellow.


Ladybugs in yellow, purple and red.

Cheater Print in charcoal/pastel, gray/white and multi-color. Note that the scale on this print is large, with each patterned square measuring around 6″.