Fall Leaf Linens

Here’s a simple leaf rubbing project that you can do with the kids. Find instructions in my post over at Alpha Mom.

A Couple of Acorn Projects

Glittery acorn garland made by brushing some glue on the bottom of the acorn and dipping in glitter.  I used that wonderful tiny glitter from Martha Stewart.  The three-year-old very much enjoyed helping with this project, as she adores all things sparkly.  This is sort of a fall to winter holiday decoration, but I suppose it will need to be tossed as the acorns start to rot?  We’ll see.

An acorn picture frame.  Or maybe with a ribbon it will be a rectangular wreath?  It’s just some acorn tops glued to a wooden frame.  I was inspired by a project from the lovely French magazine Marie Claire Idées, but they used a wider oval shaped frame which allowed several neat rows of acorn tops.

Felt Acorns

Here are some little needle felted acorns that I made.  I first saw this idea over at Betz White and have since seen lots on Etsy.  I had trouble getting the tips to be properly pointed, but these will likely just be tossed around our house anyway.  Maybe we’ll come up with an acorn game.  I collected a large bag of acorns and acorn tops in North Carolina a few weeks ago, so you might be seeing more acorn projects later this week.