Felt Acorns

Here are some little needle felted acorns that I made.  I first saw this idea over at Betz White and have since seen lots on Etsy.  I had trouble getting the tips to be properly pointed, but these will likely just be tossed around our house anyway.  Maybe we’ll come up with an acorn game.  I collected a large bag of acorns and acorn tops in North Carolina a few weeks ago, so you might be seeing more acorn projects later this week.

6 Replies to “Felt Acorns”

  1. These are so cute! I wouldn’t worry about pointed tips, there is so many different types of oak trees and their acorns. Not all have pointed tips.

  2. Such sweet lil’ acorns! I’ve been collecting fists full of acorn tops every time I take a walk. Just like a squirrel, you can never have too many stashed away.

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