Etsy Finds Friday

It’s all about journals today.  If you’re not familiar with moleskine notebooks, they are made in Italy and apparently pronounced mol-a-skeen’-a (though I fear sounding like a museum curator or Alex Trebek using this pronunciation).  But they are a good size and handy to have around.  Pictured above is a selection of some nice journals that I found on Etsy, mostly Moleskine cahiers, which can be found (unembellished) here.  And here‘s a pretty cool exhibit of some artists’ moleskine notebooks.

New York notebook from bombus, $11.

Renaissance Moleskine Pocket Notebook, $10 from Juniper Berry Design.

Orange Bicycle Notebook with Cover from Randl + Slow Loris, $28.

Goliath Moleskine, $9.50 from LullaLoo.

Gocco Printed Notebook from, $16.

Embroidered PBR Journal, $12 from Nowvember.

Golden Girl, $7 from cutiepie company.

Sunflowers Gocco Printed Notebook from goshdarnknit, $12.

Large Journal Jacket, on sale! for $10 from Keyka Lou.

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