Long Days


Here are some more photos from our rainy weekend hanging around the house. Hannah from Lily & Thistle generously sent over some of her beautifully illustrated MiniMe paper dolls for the girls which kept them happily occupied through the rain. The dolls are personalized to look like your child with your choice of skin, eye, hair color and style and her name at the bottom. I wish my children always looked as sweet as these paper dolls. They come with a sticky strip so the clothes really stay put and a CD so that you can print out more dolls and outfits (if say, your daughters accidentally tear one when they are fighting over it). Also included is a set of All About Me pages for your daughter to complete.

These dolls led to all kinds of great imaginative play involving my daughters as characters. Here, they were playing Sleeping Beauty so my older daughter made a spinning wheel. Be sure to check out Hannah’s shop to see more of the lovely artwork she has created for these dolls. So sweet.


Another project from the weekend was this zippered pouch. My five-year-old embroidered this as a gift for her friend (with a little help on that back stitch). We added some pencils and a drawing book.


And during a rain break, the kids painted some fabric with squirt bottles and diluted fabric paint. We probably should have stopped there, but we didn’t so the fabric is really covered in paint. I might make some patchwork pillows from it. Another addition to the project pile.


6 comments to Long Days

  • oh it’s so fun to see someone else enjoy their mini-me dolls too. Looks like our girls are in the same “put things to bed” stage.
    Hope the rain leaves you alone soon.
    – dana

  • I don’t suppose there is a house for sale next to you? I think my kids would want to be at your house every day!

  • Rachel

    Since I won’t be doing a quilt from the boys baby sheets and clothes any time soon, this painted sheet comes a close second to creating a artful memory with fabric with kids involved! Great idea!

  • love the blog, the ideas, photos– it all. you’ve become a new addition on my blogs i like to follow. keep it up!

  • This looks like great fun – so beautiful!

    I’m having a giveaway over at my blog for followers so please come and join in!

    Love from

  • Heidi

    Hi, this looks like fun! I’ve been stamping fabric with my 3 year old, but I think she’d enjoy the squirt bottle even more. Did you just dilute the fabric paint with water?

    I found my way here through the Crafty Crow, by the way. Your site is lovely!

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