New Sewing Books

I recently got a few new sewing books that I thought I’d share.


First up, Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. This book is full of many techniques and projects, beautifully photographed and clearly illustrated. I think this one will become an essential reference book and I’d definitely recommend it. Among my favorite projects are the pinch-pleated pillows and dyed fabric ticking, shown below. But there are many, many more. The book has a beginning section about various techniques, then goes through projects A-Z. It includes a CD with printable templates.


And STC Craft sent me a review copy of Alabama Studio Style by Natalie Chanin. This book is full of inspirational sewing projects and southern recipes. As you would expect, there are beautiful photographs of Chanin’s detailed reverse appliqué work. And there are other projects for the home; I particularly like the woven farm chairs (stool shown below) and sewn furniture. Being from Alabama myself, I think the recipes are a good representation of traditional southern fare, but a bit too heavy. Overall I found this book to be more inspirational than instructional, but very pretty.


And then there’s Built by Wendy Dresses by Wendy Mullin. This is a practical, get-your-hands-dirty sort of sewing book with 25 dress variations all based on three basic dress designs. She does a really good job of giving you the tools to customize the dresses and make them your own. I was really excited about making dresses for myself this summer, but I’m actually thinking that I’ll use some of the pattern ideas to make them for my girls. It includes three full-size patterns. There’s a very thorough review of this book from Amy Karol here.

6 comments to New Sewing Books

  • i just got he built by wendy one and love it! had been wondering about the martha stewart one and of course the alabama one is beautiful!

  • ohhh. i love those books!!! i have the alabama chanin one and i adore it. i so want the other two. i have flipped through them but haven’t bought them yet. birthday is tomorrow… maybe i will use my birthday cash!!

  • Is the dress book more for advanced sewing? I need to learn to make my own dresses. I’m too long waisted to wear anything in stores.

  • Too Funny! I picked up both the Martha Stewart book and Alabama Studio yesterday! I am loving both of the books….Enjoy!

  • I love the Martha Stewart craft book. There are sooo many things I want to make in there! Have fun with your new books 🙂

  • like i need any more books. ok. so i do. i am intrigued…might have to take a look and maybe a purchase. All in the name of sharing though…. I do a focus friday with a new book each month. I am sure one of them would work 😉

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