Etsy Finds for Mom


Happy May Day!  Here are some finds for Mother’s Day:

Traditional Amish Canning Apron, $22 from Betsy Blueberry.

Mother’s Day Gift Box of Sweets, $26.50 from whimsy & spice.

Butterfly Cup, $25 from gleenashop.

Letterpress Greeting Card, $4 from Smock Paper.

Vanilla Chai Tea, 2 oz bag for $4 from Tea for all Reasons.

Basmati Rice Blended Creme Soap, $5.25 from Soapalaya Soaps.

Vintage Embroidered Tea Towels, $12 from I Love Vintage.

Seahorse Locket, $23 from Locket2You.

Blue Skies Floral Garden/Craft Apron, $20  from Pamwares.

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