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So I loved the plain journals, but thought that a more decorative journal might make a nice gift. I made one with fabric and one with paper.  The fabric covered version (pictured above) will be a gift for my mother-in-law with some photos of the children.  I used three sheets of card stock rather than paper, which will hold six photos.  I also lined the inside with green paper.  I first cut the cereal box down to size, then cut the fabric about 1/2 larger.  I sprayed the adhesive on the cardboard and pressed down the fabric.  Then I trimmed the excess with a rotary cutter and made the rounded corners with scissors.  I added some Fray Check to the edges to keep it from unraveling, which seems to be working.  I have never used this before, and it’s likely toxic.  My older daughter said to the younger one “Look, ear drops for you.”  Glad I was in the room.


The second journal is covered with paper from a Marimekko catalog and I affixed it with spray adhesive also.  The color on the glossy paper stretched some when it was creased, so I added a grosgrain ribbon binding, which I wrapped around the inside.  I sewed down each side, then added the paper and sewed in the center.  It was a little tricky to get it straight, but I taped it in place.  The inside is lined with orange paper.

And, to solve the issue of having the papers not aligned when you fold the book:  Stagger the papers, as shown below.  Then cut the other end straight across with a paper cutter.  Then arrange arrange them so that they are evenly fanned out on either side, with the slightly shorter papers on the inside on the book and the longer ones by the cover.  Does that make sense?  You still need to cut all your papers a bit shorter than the cover because cardboard is thicker than paper, so takes up more space in the bend.


5 thoughts on “More Cereal Box Journals”

  • What a great idea. I love this. A great craft to do with my brownie troop girls. They’ll have a blast. As long as I wear my reading glasses to follow the instructions we should be just fine. Thanks for sharing!!

  • I love this craft! I did the plain notebook for a craft at my library and everyone loved it! A participant even suggested the idea of making passport wedding invitations.

  • I tried to make one of the cereal box journals from a Cherrios box. Well I wanted to keep the “heart bowl” as the front and back covers to give it more flare. Well I started w/a pretty large journal front & back cover. Then I cut some paper and sewed it. Then I trimed my front and back cover multiple times to make it look right w/the paper. Then I decided to take graft pater, colored paper, newspaper, notebook paper stagering the pages to give it some charater then sewed them. WELL, it became preforated papers! the stiches were too little and too close together (at least I found a new way to make preforated paper if I ever need It layed upon my counter for days (hubby being patient w/my craft stuff on the counter). I didn’t know how to get the papers inside and make the cover. Thought about using colored duct tape as my binding which I did before, this time I didn’t want to cover up the “heart bowls”. could never solve my issue, end result threw it away. Kept the paper for notes anyone in the house to use. ***would be nice to see how your doing this on video** can you do a DIY on a video. This is driving me nuts.. I know it is simple I think I am just making it difficult.

    can you email me back w/some additional help? I tried to find your email on this blog but couldn’t seem to locate it.

    Thanks…I want to make a journal for my mom who doesn’t get out much.


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