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Here’s an update to this post. I’m adding .pdf files of the un-personalized craft can labels. Here they are:



I’m sharing the birthday gift that we gave to a five-year-old today. My husband brought home paint cans with some kind of promotional materials in them, so they’ve been sitting on my shelf waiting for a good use. I created a personalized label and filled the can with craft supplies. The outside of the can reads “miss paddy’s craftcan” and the top says “make. create.” I filled it with felt, embroidery needle and floss, glue, beads, buttons, stamps, stickers, etc.

I also made this cute little crayon travel case with Kaffe Fassett fat quarters that I bought a few weeks ago. I came up with a pretty easy pattern that you can make from start to finish in under an hour. I will post the pattern soon. The case holds 12 or 24 crayons securely.


3 comments to Crafting for Kids

  • sarah barnette

    love your site….was scrolling it and found the crayon travel bag…great idea and i have a lot of leftover fabric and three grand children and thought they would be nice for them….where is the pattern?…i could wing it but like to have measurements…..


  • thelongthread

    I never did post the pattern for this, but here’s a very similar tutorial:


  • Lucinda

    Love the craft can idea! Think I may just head on over to the hardware store tomorrow to pick up a can or two:) They would be perfect Christmas gifts for my 6 year old daughter and her friends. Thanks for the great idea, and for sharing the label!

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