At the beginning of the year I decided to make some changes to my blog. I am no longer accepting advertisements because posting regularly has become more of a burden and things seem to have changed. Blogging doesn’t feel like it did when I first began in 2007. Back then I felt like I was talking to friends, sharing ideas and inspiration in a community. These days it feels like that community has devolved to quick Instagram glimpses, character-limited tweets, and solipsistic Facebook posts. Don’t get me wrong; I often enjoy the brief communication and instant feedback, but there’s definitely something missing. Maybe I need to actually leave my house to find community.

Anyway, I’ll be posting less frequently, but I am still making things. I just submitted another fabric collection for Kokka, which will be shown at Spring Quilt Market. And I’m excited to be trying some new substrates in this collection! I’m working on a new book idea, but feeling overwhelmed by the processSo I’ve been trying to use time effectively and to find that tricky balance between work and family life. Not easy.

Above are some Instagram photos to show what I’ve been doing lately. Making baby things! Working on auction projects. This year, we decided to skip the school quilt and make a piece of art, so I cut 380-something tiny balsa wood houses and the art teacher is working with the kids to paint and collage them. And I’m working with my older daughter’s fifth grade class on this paper stampede project. You can see her horse samples above. I found the tutorial and templates from Ann Wood over on Design Sponge. And in the bottom left photo, you can see that I made a block using a design from each of my Kokka collections. This is a work in progress for an upcoming block tutorial. And on the bottom right is a sneak peek of a design from my next collection!

Oh, and I’m also hauling kids around town, mediating their constant bickering, and making mediocre dinners. But I don’t have photos of that.

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  • Asiyah

    I totally agree…I am not a Luddite but I sure do miss the old days of pen pals. Although, there is no substitute for actual pen to paper communication, blogging was a nice way to share and converse with others from all over. I stopped blogging about a year ago for the same reasons you have shared.

    I once put out a request in our community newspaper for a pen pal and was inundated with letters in shaky script from senior citizens in the next town over. It was overwhelming and sad that we feel so lonely despite the plethora of “communication” modes. If you think about it though, we were made to live in community so man’s quest to connect with one another becomes a Holy Grail of sorts. Nearly impossible to achieve in these days of {hey-look-at-me-I’m-so-cool-but-please-don’t-expect-me-actually-get-to-know-you} tweets. Ah well, color me nostalgic.

    I enjoy your posts so I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  • Anya

    I prefer blogs with substance, with something to say. Maybe this is the English & History double-major in me talking, but I deliberately avoid Twitter and Instagram because I think our attention spans are short enough as it is. Totally in agreement with you. 🙂

  • I do like those tone on tones for the new collection. I’ll substitute mental picture of your mediocre meals with mental pictures of my mediocre ones 🙂 I’m glad you’re taking your blog in the direction you feel comfortable with. I hope you find a balance with blogging and designing that works for you. You’re the most important, only, you there is.
    I’m excited to see more substrates from you. I have been really liking the canvas and rayons (always love voile as well) that have been coming out lately from manufacturers. I’ve been very excited about bag making and have always sewn clothing.

  • Tamie

    Love your class projects and your little baby shoes. I have the pattern for them but just haven’t gotten the nerve to try them yet. Thank you for the glimpses of what you have been up to.

  • Amanda

    I hope you’ll keep us updated on the auction projects. One day, I plan to try a guinea pig portrait project of my own. My daughter has 3 and she adores them. I might make a few cardboard horses myself :). Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing all the beautiful things!

  • Suzanne

    I always admire how you stay true to your spirit. Happy creating.

  • tiffany

    yes, yes and yes! and oh my – those new circles are super. can’t wait to see the whole collection!

  • I was just thinking of you! So glad to hear you’re following your heart in regards to online community, etc. You’re quite an inspiration, whether you know it or not, and I am thankful for all the ways you’ve shared yourself and your creativity with me (and the world!) over the years. Best to you in this new season of life!

  • beverly

    Congratulations to you for your revelations! Change is hard, but it is good. You are on my rss feed, so even if you aren’t posting regularly, we’ll still be following!

    I love that horse project. Those are really cool.

    Best of luck!

  • Lisa

    Love you school project this year. I know how hard it is with school projects. I still somehow find the time. My kids appreciate it as does the school. Maybe your etsy friday could be once a month?! Your book will come. They seem to be made with passion – your inner!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been a long-time reader and I love your blog and tutorials. I’ll be sad to “see” less of you in this forum, but maybe it will motivate me to bite the bullet and snag 123 Quilt. 🙂 Thanks for all the lovely projects and ideas you’ve brought my way, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  • Love the sneak peak of the new line!

    I spent a few hours this morning going over the results of a survey I did recently on my blog. Very eye opening for me. (And comforting too, that my place online is inspiring others.) We should chat about it.

  • Always lovely to see peeks at new collections you’re working on. Totally in agreement with blogging and how it’s changed. I use to love the interaction with people in blog land, but wow have things changed…I thought it was “me”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you woke me up. . . 😉 xo

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