Etsy Finds Friday


Pretty Little City Cross Stitch or Needlepoint Design by Satsuma Street.

PomPom Garland from Thatch & Thistle Supply Co.

Patchwork Kit and Video Tutorial from Apple Turnover.

Pre-order for Canary Dress from Spoontamago.

Vintage Fabric from Inspiria.

Party Animals Paper Craft Kit from Ellen Giggenbach.

Circles in charcoal from my Folk Modern collection for Kokka, from JAQS Fabrics.

Owl Soap Gift Set from Seventh Tree Soaps.

Ruby Star Polka Dot from Melody Miller for Kokka, from Miss Matatabi.

2 comments to Etsy Finds Friday

  • I love the bright colours you have chosen, perfect for a happy summertime! Especially love the canary dress!

  • I feel your heart-pain concerning your cat 🙁 I am sorry 🙁 Our pets bring such JOY to our hearts. They also BREAK them when they leave us 🙁 I have a 13 year-old dog, Ginger, who is HEALTHY but aging. I have buried two others. Just the cost of having them in our lives 🙂 LOVE your blog 🙂 THANK YOU 🙂

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