Stacked Quilt Block

It is Monday and I am posting a tutorial. I know I haven’t done a Make it Monday post in quite some time! I made these blocks last week using my new Quilt Blocks collection and thought I’d share quick instructions. So I made a quilt block using Quilt Blocks. How meta. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to make glue using glue. Ha!

Anyway, this makes a 16″ finished block and you can easily use a pre-cut jelly roll since the strips are all 2 1/2″. You can download the .pdf instructions by clicking on the image below. I gave you the cutting measurements, plus some quick illustrations that will get you started. After you’ve made the first square, you just keep going, Log Cabin style.

Click here for a list of shops that are now shipping the Quilt Blocks fabric.

Oh, and here’s how it might look all together, if you made every block the same. The stars print that stands out so well in the image above comes in five colorways and I plan to make a quilt from four of the five colors, making each block the same. So you’ll see that next year!

4 comments to Stacked Quilt Block

  • Oh sheesh. I have been pondering starting a quilt, and this just might talk me into it. Beautiful work as always 🙂

  • This is SO cool! Thank you for the tutorial.

    The blocks really make your fabric sing. Each one looks so different. I had never noticed how boy-friendly the blue/green color scheme is (always a nice discovery since I have 2 little dudes at home!).

    I just ordered some of your fabric from FQS, whee!! I think I’m going to join your little challenge if I can get my act together. My shop on Etsy is in desperate need of a restock. This will be perfect!!

  • Lisa M

    Thank you for sharing; this is a great block. I love the fabric and agree with Jenny how it can lend itself to being so boy friendly as well as being pretty enough to satify the girly girl in all of us.

  • I am a very haphazard sewer so I always make mistakes, nothing that I haven’t been able to have a Make it Work”

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