Impeach Embroidery Pattern

Happy Holidays! I just finished this Impeach embroidery and thought I’d share the pattern if you’re interested. One of my goals for the new year is to do a better job turning anger into action through sewing, volunteering, and donating, which is mostly a selfish ploy to improve my attitude. I’m lucky to have this choice. 

You can see I veered from my own pattern and made the shapes smaller, basically just the size I could get from one arm’s length of thread. You can trace the outline and fill in randomly as I did, or follow the pattern exactly. Either way, you’ll need 6-8 shades of peach/pink/orange and at least two shades of green. This is for a 7″ embroidery hoop. Click on the image below for the printable .pdf file.


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  1. I love it! Thank you for your resist/impeach fabric and this pattern. I will use it to help turn MY anger to action!

  2. thank you, peaceful resistance and making our voices heard regardless . I live in a very conservative area where many many voted for this narcissist. THANK YOU!!! May our New Year be filled with people waking up to reasonable behavior. take care from Iowa

  3. Love, love, love the pattern! For me as well, this is the best, most positive way to express our discontent. It’s what continues to make America great because it has always been great!

  4. I love the pattern and love ALL people. Been so angry and depressed this year. I will star on this pattern ASAP. Blessings For all that drop you another will join you.

  5. I love the Impeach project. It’s just peachy and hope it is an omen!
    You were courageous in posting it! I’m sure there will be some backlash, but I’ll bet not much.

  6. Really sorry to see this at the start of a new year. Won’t be back for sure! What a waste of time! Get over it,

  7. Hi, I saw a pattern you designed in Moda Bakeshop and it led me to your blog. I’m really glad it did. What a lovely embroidery ‘project and an interesting and inviting blog. Happy new year

  8. LOVE!! And for those who say politics have no part in art, they’re really showing their ignorance. Art and politics have always been intertwined.

  9. Just because I pick up a needle doesn’t mean that I should put aside my opinions. Sewing has long been used for political and artistic expression. I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my February 2017 newsletter last year:

    “Quilts were often used to convey social and political messages in a seemingly non-threatening way, allowing ideas to reach a broad audience. Women made quilts with patriotic themes during the American Revolution, Quakers incorporated images of slaves into quilts to spread their abolitionist message, hidden quilt codes may have been used in the Underground Railroad, and suffragists sewed flags and banners to advocate for the right to vote. More recently, the AIDS Memorial Quilt brought thousands of quilters together in grief to draw much-needed attention to the growing epidemic. Now, in the age of instant communication and digital sharing, craftivism is more relevant than ever. The common thread of craft allows us to raise our voices in unison, illustrating that we have more hopes that unite us than fears that divide us. I encourage you to make things with meaning, pass along your message, listen to others, and be open to new ideas.”

  10. Love your work! I cannot wrap my brain around these people who are telling you to ‘get over it’ what? Get over racism? Get over sexism? Get over the unraveling of our country? Get over cheating, lying, manipulating? Get over being mortified every time the man opens his mouth? How is it that you can follow this man? I am so very mystified-

  11. Love this, but wondering if I could figure out how to make something similar – different word and different shape. I love the concept of using negative space to say or illustrate something. Beautiful stitching work, by the way. xo

  12. Yes, definitely. Just write your words, draw the outline, and stitch in between! I’ve seen lots of great examples of this, especially beautiful with script.

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