13 Replies to “Protest Letter Fabric”

  1. No politics in quilting! You suck ALL the fun out of quilting with this kind of post! Political points of view are the complete opposite of the entire point of quilting. Quilting is where we turn to escape real-world crap. Stop peddling/shoveling your crap upon us.

  2. Don’t listen to them!
    Art and Life ARE political !
    I really appreciate your efforts and designs!
    And your politics.

  3. I agree with Juddaca Heater. Division, not politics, has invaded every aspect of our lives. It does NO good to further the division. When you have quilters who gang up on other quilters, and cause this division, it has gone too far. Hobbies should be a refuge from this division, not a party to further it.

  4. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Quilting has always been an artwork and has represented women’s lives and social issues for hundreds of years.

  5. Thank you! Love the designs. Every aspect of our life is political. We are living in challenging times that require all of us to remain vigilant, if our democracy is to survive. Thanks for another way to maintain our freedom of expression through quilting!

  6. Thank you! So happy whenever someone with an audience speaks for what is right. I’m going to send the link to my sewing friends – I think we have to make SOMETHING out of it! For those commenting to keep politics out of sewing, how about worrying more about the president taking away basic rights from our citizens before you complain about a sewing blogger stating their point of view (in an artistic and crafty way!).

  7. Yes! What a beautiful artistic way to use a failing system and make something wonderful out of it, and express ourselves while we still can before it to is taken away from us! Use your freedom of speech! Love, love, love the designs! Beautiful work?!

  8. These designs are wonderful. We must speak up for what we believe in and these designs give us an opportunity to do that. Thank you.

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