Garden Collection


I just got strike-offs from my next collection and thought I’d share a sneak peek. It’s called Garden and features six prints in three colorways each. That cheater print on the bottom left consists of 10″ squares of small scale designs, so will be perfect basics for quilted and patchwork projects. The full collection will be available at Quilt Market this fall and should be shipping shortly thereafter.

If you’re unfamiliar with the fabric design process, strike-offs are test samples sent from the factory to check for color and printing errors. I usually don’t have to make many changes to mine, but I did send a couple back this time with slight color revisions. Then, once the changes are made, they will begin to produce yardage at the factory.

In the U.S. and worldwide, Kokka fabric is available from Seven Islands Fabric and in Europe, Kokka is also available from Nunoya.

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