Fall Handbag

Though fall isn’t quite here yet, the crisp air around here inspired me to get out the wool. I made this handbag from the Tiered Bag pattern in 1, 2, 3 Sew. As you may know, I can never follow a pattern — apparently not even my own, so I made some modifications.

If you don’t sew, you will be totally bored by this paragraph, so just skip on down to the next one. I made the folds, but basted them in place inside the seam allowance and just let the bag have a more slouchy look. I also added a middle panel and curved bottom, rather than the squared bottom that I made for the bag in the book. I was fresh out of magnetic snaps, so I’ve left the opening in the lining to add one later. Knowing me, I will walk around with it like this until spring comes. I’m undecided about whether I will topstitch around the opening after I add the snap. I did a zig-zag on the inside, so it should be plenty secure and though I recommend it for the bag in the book, I sometimes feel a topstitch spoils things.

The wool was sent to me by Heavens to Betsy and I used a vintage Vera Neumann sheet for the lining (along with some fusible fleece to make it nice and sturdy). I also added a strip of vintage lace down the center of the back and front.

This is a speedy bag to make and can be modified in all sorts of different ways. If you have the book, I’d love to see how you made it.

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