Cummerbund Pillow

I decided to make this pillow from Anthropologie. Yes, we’ll be borrowing a lot from Anthropologie this week. Seems only fair. Instead of paying $128 for this pillow, make one!

Update: After all of the controversy ensued surrounding this week’s theme, I’ve decided to show you what I’ve made here, but not give you any direction on how to make it an exact copy. You can read my pintuck pillow tutorial from last year to learn the pintuck technique.



13 Replies to “Cummerbund Pillow”

  1. great idea! what fabric did you use on the back? also, i like how you “put a bird on it”

  2. LOVE this. Might be just the thing to help me overcome my pin tuck virginity. Is that linen by any chance the one from IKEA with the hemmed edges? If so, hooray as I bought a metre just last week. Laurie’s “you put a bird on it” comment made me laugh. I think of that skit every time I see a bird on anything now. And as over birds as I kind of am, that vase is utterly beautiful and I am very happy you put that bird on it!

  3. No, the linen is from a local apparel shop here, I think. The back is a floral IKEA fabric that I made window shades from last year. Really, any cotton, linen or even twill will work. In fact, this linen wrinkles so it’s sitting in a chair that no one sits in and I probably won’t allow anyone near it. White linen and my kids — really?

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