Like all of you, I’ve spent the past week watching the startling images coming from Japan and feeling overwhelmed by it. Devastation and tragedy on such a colossal scale is just unimaginable to me. And it may not be over. While we all think hopeful thoughts that the nuclear crisis will soon be resolved, we’re wondering what we can do to help.

This is a craft blog and I try not to veer off topic too much, but I’ve seen lots of promotions and craft sites offering to help. I got an e-mail from Lisa of This and That from Japan, who lives in southern Japan and has been an advertiser on my site for a while now. She is donating 15% of her shop proceeds to Save the Children Japan to help the many children who have been orphaned by these tragic events. As someone who worked in fundraising for several years, I know that the best thing you can do is donate money. It’s lovely to think that you can knit a blanket or sew a pillowcase to send to the victims, but it’s just not the best solution right now. So donate to Save the Children Japan or the Red Cross if you are inclined. Or buy some fabric from Lisa and feel better about your purchase knowing that you helped those who are most vulnerable.

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  1. Thank you so much, Ellen. I’m not one to give to the Red Cross, so I’ve been a little confused about how/where to donate. You have given me direction.

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