Snow Day Handbag

The kids have been home from school for three days now! This is what happens when we get snow and ice in Atlanta with very little equipment to clear the roads. We’re definitely starting to get cabin fever, but luckily we have power. I even found some time to sew. For this handbag I again used an embroidered cotton, this time with a Tana Lawn Liberty of London print. Both fabrics were picked up during our visit to Purl Soho back in September.

I made a basic bag, actually quite similar to a simple tote bag, but with knotted straps. I used fusible fleece to reinforce the outer portion and a heavy-weight interfacing to bulk up the lining. There is a magnetic snap and simple pocket on the interior.

17 Replies to “Snow Day Handbag”

  1. Atlanta must be similar to Evansville. We are home for the second day. Thankfully, the boys are playing well and I’m plowing through a new quilt top. Your tote is a great example that snow days are not all bad.

  2. Nashville schools were out for three days, too! I teach at a private school, though, and we were back today… sledding at recess, students too squirrelly to think straight… Love seeing what cabin fever produces in you 🙂

  3. This is so lovely – especially the knotted straps. This will definitely be tacked onto my ever-growing “List of Things To Try”. Kudos to you!

  4. Gorgeous bag! We had a snow day up here in Vancouver, BC too. No sewing got done with the kids home but lots of playing so not a total loss.

  5. Fusible fleece? I did not know of such a product! I made a bag a year and half ago but its since become saggy, I wanted it to be firm, would this product help? Nice bag!

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