Starfruit Prints for Fourth of July


My five-year-old and I made these star prints using starfruit. We’re dipping everything in paint around here these days. I also think these starfruit prints would make nice starfish in shades of blue and light green and would be lovely on tea towels or other linens.

Check out the tutorial over at Alpha Mom.

8 Replies to “Starfruit Prints for Fourth of July”

  1. Those look great – how is it that I haven’t even heard of starfruit? You’d have thought that I’d have come across them on my many rounds of the produce section (usually searching for veggies and fruits that have been completely renamed by Americans…)

  2. Fabulous idea! I am going to borrow that next week. We are making lots of fun decorations for our Grandma’s 4th of July birthday party.

  3. love these!!! where did you find the burlap that you used? would jo ann’s fabrics have the kind you used that’s thin like that? i’ve only ever seen the really thick crunchy burlap before… thanks!

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