Halloween Jars and Cans



A couple more ideas to add to your list of Halloween decorations using recycled materials.  Here, I used etching cream to create a jack o’ lantern face on the jars.  It’s a subtle effect, but would be pretty with an orange votive.  I simply put masking tape on the jar, cut out the shapes with a craft knife, and let the etching cream sit for about twenty minutes (not a kid-friendly project, obviously).

And for the jack o’lantern cans, I cut out the face with a craft knife and glued the paper onto the can.  A quick tip for holding the paper in place while you wait for the glue to dry — painter’s tape.  I love painter’s tape and use it all the time in my crafting.


More Halloween crafts with bottles and cans (just clap your hands).

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  1. Don’t usually make many of the crafts, but love reading and seeing them. However, the etched glass is just too wonderful. Have to try that. However, I am a bit stumped at where to find the “etching cream”. Michael’s maybe? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for a GREAT post. I love posts which not only give a possibility for right now, but leave me thinking, Hmmm, I could xyz with that idea. And this is one of them. Hmm, am I rambling?

  2. Yes, you can find etching cream at a craft supply store like Michael’s. It’s easy to use — just brush it on and wait, then rinse. You’ll want to make sure that your masking tape is flat so that no etching cream seeps under it. Happy Crafting!

  3. Your bit about painters tape made me laugh. I LOVE painters tape and use it all the time, for everything. Sometimes my husband borrows it–for some legit home-improvement project no doubt–and it makes me so angry when I can’t find it!

  4. Another way to recycle your old jars is filling the jar with Karo syrup and placing stones and plastic spiders or any other kind of beasts into it. Then sealing the jar with some silicone caulking to prevent the liquid from escaping. This will make an ugly Halloween snowglobe! For more effect, add food color to the syrup 😀

  5. I love the jars with the etching cream. You could fill the jars up with corn kernals or orange jelly beans. I don’t know how long the jelly beans would last at my house, but I know no one will touch the corn!

  6. These are cute so cute. And I love your top about using the painters tape to hold the paper in place while the glue dries. Such a great idea.

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