Bat Mobile



This is not a vehicle for the caped crusader, but rather a hanging mobile!  I’ll be periodically featuring recycled projects for Halloween over the next month.  In addition to my disdain for plastic crap made in China, I am just frugal.

So here’s an easy project made with thin cardboard.  You can use cereal or cracker boxes, or save chipboard from packing materials, like I did here.  I think these would also be pretty cut from patterned paper, if you are so inclined.  I just cut these from cardboard, poked holes where the eyes should be and hung them to a branch using clear thread.  This clear thread looks completely invisible and is light enough for the bats to fly around a bit.


I’m feeling for bats these days after hearing about the decline in the bat population along the east coast.  We need these little critters.  I’ll try to post some more batty projects over the weekend.

Just click on the image below and print out the template.


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  1. Oooh this is perfect! We’re having a Halloween party this year, and I really want the whole house to be decorated with gourds and handmade, recycled decorations.

  2. I like the way you hung it off a branch. I save the black sheets from pads of artist’s paper, and like to draw with the exacto knife when it is close to halloween. I am using lighter weight black paper, but I cut pumpkin faces with fangs out of the head area and attach them to the small window lights around my door, so they are visible as kids walk up. I also tape a few to the exterior glass lights on the sides of the front door, and I get up on a ladder to replace the interior doorway light with a blue or purple one. Sometimes I’ve made “bouquets” of branches and festooned them with spiders…some real spiders usually come in the house along the way.

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